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Yantai Xinhai Mining Machinery Company

Founded in 1993, Yantai Xinhai has 20 years' experience as a Chinese leader in the mining machinery manufacture and mining EPCM project service.

With large numbers of research institutes(machinery research institute, mine design research institute, installation and commissioning department, etc.) and service engineers, our customers have a tremendous depth of technical resources they can rely on. What is more, 80% equipments for mineral processing have been improved by Xinhai and some technologies reach the international advanced level. Xinhai Mining Machinery Company has become the research & developing base of mining and mineral processing machinery industry in China.

In addition, Xinhai is committed to providing premium EPCM services for customers, which include mineral processing test, mine design, equipment manufacture, installation and commissioning, personnel training and target achievement. There are more than 500 high-performance EPCM projects all over the world which are provided by Xinhai Company.

What you need is what we can do. For an evaluation of your needs, please contact us at any time. Xinhai believes you will be impressed with the experience, the proficiency and the helpful attitude you find at every level within Yantai Xinhai Mining Machinery Company.

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