Design & Research Institute

Xinhai has a multitude of technicians who specialize in mining research of new material, new equipment, new technology and mining counseling. The perfect combination of mining technicians and mechanical technicians makes Xinhai adequately savvy about the design, principle and flaw of mining machinery.

Metal & Nonmetal Research Institute

Metal Research Institute has the profound scientific researching capability guaranteed by a group of leading and prominent experts. The Project Counseling Center of Metal Research Institute emphasizes extremely the design quality which Xinhai regards as the cornerstone of perpetual prosperity.

Within China nonmetal industry there are not many experimental research department. Nonetheless, Xinhai encompasses successfully every department mentioned above and incorporates them into one efficient entity which propels Xinhai to be the leading position in the nonmetal synthetic science field. Experts from experimental institute collaborate with experts from beneficiation institute to develop premium beneficiation technology and reagent.

Abrasion Resistant Rubber Institute

Abrasion resistant rubber Institute has an outstanding technical team composed of rubber specialists. Xinhai rubber is characterized by its special formula----add liquid nanometer-scale auxiliaries to natural rubber and then solidify the natural rubber in normal temperature and high frequency. Since Xinhai has deep insight into every process of mining abrasion, Xinhai machinery is efficient and pertinent. Xinhai rubber plate is able to eradicate every abrasion and corrosion problem.

Automatic Control Research Institute

Researchers from Automatic Control Research Institute are proficient in both automation technology and metallurgy and develop a series of efficient equipments. At the premise that overly stuffing issued is avoided, the production capacity is the highest; production ability, water supply and end product concentration are constant; grinding mill can provide maximum and premium performance with the aid of automatic ball feeder which automatically and uniformly feeds iron balls.

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